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  1. Week 3 day 3 tonight. I was really concerned about the 3 minute stretches but they don't seem to be too bad. I actually feel fairly comfortable as long as it's flat. Once I hit ANY sort of incline.....it's like slamming into a wall and it kills the rest of my run. I suspect the extra 30-35 pounds of excess weight isn't helping here. It looks to get quite a bit more difficult in week 4. We'll see.
  2. I hear you Ken. I messed up my left knee pretty badly when I was a kid (broken patella) and post run icing is pretty much mandatory for me. I have to ice it down after a bike ride too. I tried one of those knee bands and it actually made it worse. I'm going to try a knee sleeve next to see if that helps.....I kinda think it's just a placebo but it does keep my mind focused on my knee and a good, well-balanced foot strike. I think lack of fitness isn't terribly helpful in this regard and I do expect it to improve over time.
  3. What started all this was an invite from a friend of mine to do the Tough Mudder with him on Sept. 20th, so that's goal 1. I figured I'd better make some kind of a plan to get there but not try to overdo it because I've "started" running at least 200 different times and usually it's lasted about a week. So I decided to start the c25k, that has me doing a 5k around father's day. Next up is a 10k which, if I stick to the schedule, should be right around my birthday on Sept 13th. Then the Tough Mudder a week later. Not sure what my goals would be after that, but I have some ideas...I've never been a real runner before so setting goals beyond 10 kilometers sounds a little......uh......out there. Literally and figuratively.
  4. Hi, New to the site and a new (runner). I'm 45 and about 35 pounds overweight, and I feel every single one of those pounds when I run (er, run/walk) I'm in week 3 of c25k now, day 2 is tonight and it looks like it might be in a thunderstorm with some hail.......great. Some days I feel like it's too easy and that 3 days a week just isn't enough, and some days I feel like I won't be able to make it until the app tells me to start walking again before I pass out. The toughest part mentally is having to walk. I really don't like being terrible at things, and having to walk is really taxing on my ego. I just hate that I have to walk. I'm committed to the program though and aim to see it through until I run a 5k right around father's day. After that I am really hoping to at least add another run day each week and proceed from there. Cheers everyone.
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