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week six complete. feeling low & demotivated

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Ran very slowly.... Couple of snails came past me! Map my run told me my pace was 3.4 mph. That is 0.4 mph faster than my 1mile dog walk. Finding it a bit depressing at the moment. Try to pep myself up reminding myself I'm 47 years old. I'm six stone overweight its going to be hard.

But I'm not getting the buzz I used too. Today I ran for 25mins I should be stoked. But I'm not. Should be feeling proud of myself. My right leg doesn't work to well because I have cerebral palsy and can't move my right foot. It just plops down and flops about. Can't balance on it for 2 seconds. Why am I not euphoric by overcoming these hurdle? Who else had the week six blues? How did you keep going?.

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Guest TrishE

Aw concretefingers, I'm sorry :( 

Dont worry its totally normal to become disenchanted with the program in the late weeks. Youve been doing this for good while and the newness is gone it happens. This is where the mental comes into play. Find new ways to motivate yourself. Get through week 7 and treat yourself to something fun. That way when you look down at your phone on week 8 you only have one more week until you graduate from c25k! I know you dont feel it now but you should be extremely proud of yourself because youve pushed your mind and body do an amazing thing. 

Keep your head up, youve done so so well :) 

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Hey concretefingers. I have enjoyed reading about your running adventure and just wanted to say you're awesome!

I am on W3 D3 and can walk faster than I run. I

know that when I finish the program I will still be slow as molasses. The point is, I'm still doing it. 6 weeks is not that long and you have come quite far in that time! And with cerebral palsy? Damn. That's fantastic.

I get it though, it's not always fun and the one that's hardest on us tends to be ourselves. I have to tell myself I would never treat someone else the way I treat myself. Anyway, keep up the good work. Progress is relative.

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