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3rd attempt success kinda...


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So it was my third attempt to start and finish C25K. With the mild winter in Iowa I wasn't working as much as normal so I attempted C5K in my basement on our treadmill. We got some decent weather and I moved outside to do the final workout and absolutely died. Not sure if it was my pace isn't regulated or what but I didn't last TEN MINUTES. I tried again another day and it just turned into a run walk run... I finished last night back inside 30 minutes on the treadmill.

What should I do now? Now that it's decent weather should I just head back to the nature trail (my two labs love to go!) and continue to walk run? Or start the C25K program over outside where you actually run. The treadmill is a bunch of lies! Losing inches and pounds but I want to compete with my wife and son on a couple local 5k's this year.



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Sugabear...don't get discouraged. Same thing happened to me...I live in MN and did my training on the treadmill. When the weather got decent these last few weeks, I moved outside and just about died on my first run. I knew it was going to be hard but never thought it would be that hard. I just decided to go to week 5 and start from there. I am doing so much better now outside than I ever did on the treadmill inside and I am enjoying it so much more! My suggestion would be to go back to a walk run week where you are comfortable and you will find you can build yourself up again fairly quickly. Enjoy your runs and seriously, don't get discouraged...you're doing great!

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