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I'm here to get my body back! I've packed on 70+ pounds over a 14 year period (marriage, kids). I'm hoping that with this, a change in my diet and other work outs I will meet my goal to be in shape and to keep it up afterwards. I want to make and keep this going for the rest of my days! Any tips or ideas? I'm open to them all. Thanx in advance!

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Guest TrishE

Welcome emjay! 

My advice would be invest in a great pair of running shoes. Also, set short term realistic goals and reward yourself when you reach them. It helps if and or when you plateau and the number on the scale stops moving :) keeps up the motivation. 

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Hi there, Welcome here first. TrishE hit it on the head. Shoes are the number one thing. I have actually taken a shoe off and linked hime because of crappy brands. I am true Asics, New Balance, Nike fan. I have a bone on The right foot that sticks up more than the other, so I go a size bigger. Otherwise I have to go home sock footed on a rocky dirt road. Uggh. Been there, done that.


Motivation is the key. Wanting it is the best motivation ever. Diet will help too. I am a Paleo Girl and it is just eating clean. Period. Stop the processed foods.


You can do it. Keep us posted.

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