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used C25K b4 and using again to lose weight

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I had once before lost 80 lbs but gained back about 75% of that just because I was stubborn with not exercising AT ALL and eating whatever I wanted without being careful and now I am back on track, using the C25K again which worked for me before!!! It is truly a wonderful program even though I don't particularly love exercising and running but it DOES work!  I add in some strength training and wa-la!  I am getting married in June and HOPE and PRAY to lose at least 20 maybe 30 lbs by then!  I've been at it since January non stop and am at week 7 right now!  I go to the gym 2 sometimes 3 nights a week and spend an hour there.  Typically while my daughter is at her sport practice.  My fiancé goes with me and uses the same app!! He loves it too!  He's a great motivator and he too is needing to lose weight. 

My biggest downfall is sugary foods but if I really want to eat that stuff I know I must exercise.  I am 37 so I cannot just automatically be thin!

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Guest TrishE

Welcome back! Its great when loved ones are so supportive and sometimes just as involved with being healthy as you are. Best of luck to you during the rest of your program and congrats on the upcoming wedding :)

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