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Hey, ya'll! My name is Brent. I graduated from C25K in May of 2014. I had an injury which then kept me from running, and I soon slipped back into bad habits. Now I'm doing the program again, and I just finished week 5.


I thought I'd share my experience from the first time I did C25K, but I wanted to introduce myself first. I a 40 year old married man with 9 children. I've struggled with weight for most of my life. I've never been a runner. Even in my youth, when I was fairly athletic, I was never able to run very far. Halfway around the track was about as far as I could go without needing to walk. I just assumed I wasn't cut out to be a distance runner. It seemed impossible to me. C25K changed that.


I'm looking forward to meeting people on this forum. Hopefully I can provide some insight and motivation to help others acheive their goals. I know that when I did C25K the first time that reading other people's experiences helped me a lot. Perhaps my experiences can help some of you. Later!

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