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ive been using myfitnesspal for over a month now.


At first it calculated I should eat 1200 calories a day. After going to the gym and *trying* to eat better I didn't lose a pound. I searched on Google and read that maybe my body was in starvation mode.


So I used a health website to calculate the calories I need and it said 1600. Which means when I was eating 1000 calories trying to stay under 1200 I was actually starving myself 600 calories a day. I changed to 1600 calories and now my problem is I can't eat that many calories of heathy food! For breakfast I eat boiled eggs and a protein shake, lunch is tuna or chicken salad, and dinner is usually fish with vegetables jt chicken and vegetables. The snacks I eat are fruit, almonds, protein bars.


After all that I'm usually around 1200 calories. Should I try to eat more to reach the 1600? How close do I need to be to that number to be at a "deficit" but not in "starvation mode"? Help! Thanks in advance.

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I feel ya Ashley, it is so hard to add all of those calories in there.  Seems like when I do that too, I am under 1200 calories a day myself.  


On my www.cavegirlcancook.com site , I have some calculators under the Fitness tab you can check out.


Keep your carbs on the healthy side, like TrishE said, brown rice, Quinoa, fruits.  I would stay away from sugar and flour products.  


Let me know how you do!   

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You bet Ashley.


After I read your comment that day and his show was in, I was like, this is for Ashley, lol. I am not a big fan of Dr Oz, but I turned the channel and this was an interesting show. I found myself not eating a lot of calories last week at all , I wasn't hungry and my calorie count was under 1000 cal everyday, not good right??, so yesterday hubby flew home and I was starving for food, he bought me a cheeseburger and onion rings and we had pizza last night, GROSS right?, well heck, because I junked out I lost a few pounds overnight, why???? Because I betcha I ate 2000 calories yesterday. It does jumpstart you. Now today it will be protein only. I don't recommend junk food but dang it , you need it sometimes. LMBO. Hugs Ashley.

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