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Just Finished week 1!


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Hi everyone! I just finished day3 of week1. My friend and I started the 5K app on Monday. It's been a LONG time since I've done any exercising and I'm very overweight. My husband has been a huge inspiration for me. He quit smoking last year and has recently lost 60lbs running on the treadmill! We have 3 kids and it's hard to make time. So you guys have any suggestions as to how you get your workout in and how do I keep from killing myself???? There's a lot of weight on these 2 feet!

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I know a lot of people try to get their run in before work, bright and early. I however am not a morning person in the slightest. I stay at home with our son but when I did work I would run on my lunch break skip the cool down and grab a quick rinse before heading back to work. If I waited until after work id be too beat to do it and convince myself not to.

My husband and I would trade times whenever we did have our kiddo. He would go when he got home from work than I would that way we would have kid sitting covered.   

Congrats on starting by the way! Being so busy but get through the work outs is a big deal! Just keep it up and start with a pace your comfortable with. Good Luck and keep us posted!

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There's a lot of weight on these 2 feet! But, praising god that I have them and can do something. Just gotta stay motivated..... (Sorry for the long winded msg!)


Loved your message!!!  Gratitude attitude to begin with, RIGHT ON, and congrats on completing week 1 Amy!  Your gratitude comment made me think of Nancy Sinatra's song: These Boots Are Made for Walkin   :P  :D  ;)  I replaced boots with feet ... I know ... goofy! LOL 


My suggestion would be to stay with what you are doing.  As time goes on, notice what times work best, and then set aside those times for your run.  Week 1 was a success - your commitment and passion kept moving those feet forward! Rinse repeat for Week 2, AND as needed, adjust as necessary.  As a mother of four this is what I did.  At times I HAD to adjust and instead of getting upset, I went with the flow. That said, I did my best to be consistent on what time I went out as it supported my family in honoring those times as well - they were adjusting to my workout routine too.   Most definitely exercising totally supported me in not going nuts at times, plus once my bedtime rolled around - I zonked out easily and in a good mood.  :) Score!


Please share with your husband my sincere congrats on his decision to stop smoking, AND loosing 60lbs! That's AWE-mazing!!!



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