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2014 was supposed to be my year....


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I turned 40 last year and made a vow to myself it would be my year....I would get in shape send my baby off to college in 2015 lookin and feelin hot!


Fast forward to Jan 2015, gained 40 pounds since my birthday last April...


Yesterday, I read numerous inspiring articles on fitness, healthy lifestyle changes, and realized....I can do it. I don't need a broken vow to keep me down any longer. The time could still be mine. Right now..


And..so..here I go!

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Forget about making last year your year. Try making tomorrow your day. Just 1 day. Then we can go from there. Mini goals are the way to win. Stack the deck in your favor. I'll be cheering for ya!!

Absolutely agree with this!!! "No amount of guilt will change the past, and no amount of worry will change the future." But give today hell!!!

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