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Out of shape and injured... Advice?


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Hey there.


I just started today (week 1 day 1) and I was super excited! I got my music going and I was supercharged! But I was not able to finish. I used to be very active. I was on my school's drum line, (the only girl, mind you) and I weighed 180, most of it muscle. But the drum was too heavy, and of course being the stubborn person that I am, I had to have to heaviest drum on the line. We were playing at an away game and there was a hole in the field, into which I stepped and broke my knee.


I am ashamed to say that once the cast was off and I finished my physical therap, I reallyy became quite sedentary. It is now five years and 70 more pounds later, and I am determined, but discouraged. Any advice you have helps.


Sincerely, stubbornly optimistic.

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Please dont be discouraged, Trust me just by starting youre already a step ahead of where you were when you werent running. This is just the first day of the rest of your new healthy life. Unfortunately there are going to be bad days when you wont be able to finish. There were days when I had to stop way short of my end time and I would get so mad at myself it would ruin the rest of my day.  I always had to remind myself that a healthy lifestyle is a marathon not a sprint. As cliche as that sounds. Being as atheltic as you were you know all it takes to be strong and fit. Keep at it. Its all worth it and soon youll look back at week 1 day 1 and smile because you could do it with your eyes closed.

Congrats on starting your journey please keep us posted! we are here to help and encourage.

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Beautiful encouragement Trish. Truths I am also able to apply and practice. I loved,


"...a healthy lifestyle is a marathon not a sprint." <3


Hang in there Nadara! Keep us posted please, and congrats on completing day 1!  You got out there .... that is a success! :)


If I might offer a couple more thoughts (quotes of others) that have supported me:


"Progress not perfection."

"It is what we do most the time that counts, not some of the time."

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