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Day One-Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone....

Guest Shannon

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Guest Shannon

...by surronding myself with supportive, likeminded individuals focused on creating life-affirming habits.

Hi, my name is Shannon. I have become quite the hermit-my not so healthy comfort zone. It was a gradual process, yet I noticed myself withdrawing more and more...10 years distancing myself from nearly everyone, and now a former shell of who I was, or at least it feels like it. While the details are not important, I do believe a large part of why I withdrew was because I allowed myself to embrace former inlaws facts, perceptions, and beliefs of who I am, more than I embraced and valued my own.


Enough is enough. I miss my healthy and fit mind and body. Today is day one.


I'm looking forward to running again. I'm 51, a single mom of four-two still at home, 40 pounds overweight, completly out of shape and I've set my sights on a Saint Patty's day run. My children are eager for me to begin. Me too, along with a niggling inner voice that is holding on to self-doubt. Working out will certainly help by aiding in rebuilding my self-confidence. Which brings me to my next thought/question...

I've purused the boards a bit, (I'll keep checking) yet not completely and was curious if there was a particular forum/topic I could check into regularly to be encoraged, to encourage and to cheer each other on, (accountability-to and for self and others).

Engaging again-in all aspects of my life-online and offline!

Cheerfully, Shannon

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Hey there everyone.


Happy for all of you. Let's try not post the same post over and over again in all the Topics. Zenlabsfitness frown on this as its repetitive. I, as a moderator answer hundreds of questions and it's hard for me to keep seeing the same posts over and over again.


I do love your excitement and wanting to shout from the rooftop though. Keep being this motivated. I sure am. Hugs.

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