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Hi! I'm col3bri.  I technically started the C25k program last year, I even made it all the way through the program once and ran my first 5k race in January.  It was quite a feat for me as when I started the program I was at 260 pounds and didn't believe I would be able to run 30 seconds let alone 3 miles. :)  After January I took a break as there was so much snow on the ground and just so cold (record breaking cold) that I didn't really want to be outside.  However my roommate and I started again and decided this time we were going to try the C210k program.  We had been doing pretty good and got through the 5k part on track.  However we didn't go running for two weeks and then tried to pick up where we left off (run 4 sets of 10 minutes) today... it was not good.  We had to stop after the 3rd set.  It didn't help that it was super hot and humid.  After talking today we may try to do thee 4 sets until it stops being so hot. :)  We'll see.

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