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  1. Buy a muscle roller stick or either a foam roller. You can look up how to use them. That's why I would use cause my calves were killing me. I also use a calf machine at the gym to help stretch out the muscles.
  2. When I started c25k, I was able to do all the routines without stopping until I hit week 5. I took a break from the program and started working on my stamina. This was the routine I did: run 30 seconds, walk a minute on and off 30 minutes. Once I felt comfortable running longer, I would run 1 minute and walk for 2 minutes for 30 minutes. Then I finally upped it to 1.5 minutes and walked for 3 minutes. I read his article saying that if you run for X amount of minutes and then double that time for walking that it will help your stamina and increase your distance in running. At first, I started at 4.3 mph on the treadmill running and I was able to work up o 4.5-4.8. But don't start out running fast. Do what is comfortable for you. Also if you're new at running, don't run day after day. Make sure you have a rest day in between you're running days so you don't hurt yourself. I normally lift weights or ride the bike on my rest days. if your calves are hurting after a run, ride the bike for at least 15 minutes and it'll help elevate the pain.
  3. Before week 7, I have been running with an incline of 1 and then running 4.5-4.7. Now that I'm on week 7, I've slowed down my speed to 4.3-4.5 so I'm able pace myself better without tiring myself out too soon. I also do have of my run at an incline of 1 and then down to .5. I know with keeping up my routines, I'll be able to keep it at a 1 incline and run at 4.5 or higher. I'm more focused on distance than speed right now.
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