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  1. Well kellyb I only started from week nine because it's the next step directly after finishing week 8 of c25k. I was running outdoors then running on a treadmill (which is much easier). Then have been away from home & tried running out doors.. Struggled through the first ten min.. Walked for a minute then was suppose to go another 10 min but couldn't finish it without stopping a couple times.. Then 20 min total was all I could handle... I had been running 30+ min outdoors not 2 weeks ago.. & running 40 min on the treadmill.. Just seems bizarre.
  2. I had completely the c25k and moved onto the 10k app. I did the first day of week 9 and it was hard but I was able to finished it. Now twice I attempted to finish day 2 and I can't get past 20 min of running. I don't understand why I'm suddenly struggling so much. I'm feeling very discouraged as I have worked very hard to run. Any advice?
  3. So I just completed c25k & started today with the 10k. I was able to run for a total of 40 minutes at a speed of 5 mph & up to 6mph for a couple min. I was running outdoors & now have been running on a treadmill, which I find pushes me more with speed & builds my endurance. It definitely kicked my butt today but I'm glad I did it. I want to eventually be able to run a half marathon. That would be amazing. I'm excited!
  4. Today I finished C25K and it felt amazing! I ran 35 min instead of 30. I'm ready to move on to the 10k app now. It wasn't always easy but I pushed through and now I'm amazed at what I have accomplished. When you feel like you can't keep going tell yourself I'm just gonna go one more min. Then try to make it 5 more min, then 10 and so on. You won't improve if you don't push yourself past your limits. The power to achieve is all in our minds. Don't let negative thoughts stop you from reaching your goals. Good luck!
  5. MaryK

    nervous beginner

    I was very nervous in the beginning. Especially running in front of others, it made me very insecure. I just finished week 7 day 2 yesterday & was able to push myself to run 30 min straight instead of 25 min. It felt great to be able to accomplish that when only a few short weeks ago I could barely finish a few min straight. I still get nervous every time just before I run. I have to say a little prayer for the strength to finish the run each time. You can do it! Just pace yourself, breathe & don't look at the time remaining. Just run until it tells u to walk. Slow down if u need to but keep running. Make sure to breathe deeply through your nose & out your mouth. If you don't get enough oxygen you won't be able to finish. Oh and one last thing, Stretch before & after. That's extremely important. Good luck!! (P.s. I used to be 90 lbs heavier than I am now, I lost that weight doing other exercises but it's possible just don't give up)
  6. I can't run on an empty stomach or I get light headed. So I usually eat protein and carbs like piece of toast with peanut butter or a hard boiled egg. Try different things and see what feels right for you.
  7. Thanks I will look into it
  8. I'm pretty sure it's a pinched nerve as I'm also having shooting pains in my back and down my leg and into my knee. I have been having some hip and knee pain for a few weeks now but since starting into week 5 it got pretty bad. Yesterday I finished week 6 day 2 and I'm in extreme pain today. I'm very discouraged because this is the same sort of pain I had a few years ago that literally lasted years until I switched jobs. I don't want to stop running because I really love it. I'm only 29, do I really have to give it up?
  9. MaryK

    Hip pain

    I'm having the exact same problem. I have had problems with my back and hip in the past. Used to have a pinched nerve and was in pain everyday for years. I changed jobs to a desk job and the pain went away. Now since I've been running for 6 weeks it has returned. I am very discouraged. I finally found something I love and I may have to give it up. Anyway all the best with u..hope u feel better soon.
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