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  1. Hi Dee! Nice to meet you! I just started with 10K as well, and it feels exciting!
  2. Hi to all the wonderful running people over here! Many many years ago, my uncle tried to develop me a love for running, and desperately took me with him to a daily runs, when I was about 17 years old. I hated it. I was dreaming I am rolling in some bushes, on the side of the road, and hiding, till it all will be gone. I never was running up till now, and now I am already 44 (don't tell anybody, because I still think, that age - its just a number, that means nothing). Than, couple of month ago, I felt I wanna run....where it came from, I have no idea, but the feeling was so strong, I went to search for some app, that can help me to start it gradually - its where I stumbled upon ZenLabs C25K. Let me explain. I am a writer/illustrator, and 99% of my work is in front of the computer. Rarely I can "displace" myself to the outside chair, when I can use pencil and paper. I am in a perfect weight, but I felt I don't move at all. I felt, I was slowly growing roots under my table. Its why running seemed great - it was also a possibility to reduce the stress, because when I run - I can finally think about nothing LOL (or at least just to concentrate on "my god, how long still till the end of the 30 min?" instead ). I started to run, and thought, I would never make it above 90 seconds straight. Than 10 min... than, I could almost celebrate with a huge party, when I reached 20 min goal. Now I made my first 5K (Color run) in beginning of August and I am already busy with 10K. I still cant believe it, and eventually pinching myself. But it feels SUPER GREAT. I feel most energetic, after the run, I love early mornings (most of the time LOL) and it even inspired some of my latest comics strips http://tapastic.com/series/Mad-CATalyst http://www.pookies-world.com Looking forward "meeting" you all here!
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