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  1. I just did w4d1 and I ALMOST phoned it in myself. Those last two minutes were a mother! Congrats on getting through it.
  2. Welcome, Kelz! You'll be amazed at what this program can do for you. You can always repeat a day or a week if you need to catch up. Just remember to stay hydrated and don't overdo it. Happy running!
  3. Hey, Nev! I sent you a request via MFP.
  4. Congrats on the baby! I promise you that it gets easier. It's always gonna be tough, but your body WILL adjust. Even if you can't finish the run, walk the rest. Exercising increases your lung capacity, so that workout you did is already telling your body to prepare for more. You've got this! You can always repeat a day or a week if need be. Just don't give up! You can do it!
  5. Great job! You're on your way!
  6. I'm okay. Just adjusting to a new schedule and trying to keep up with you!
  7. Beth, I'm struggling too. I'm sleepy, so I'm at a loss for words, but I'll follow this topic. My only thought is to take it slow. Oh man. I can hear hail hitting my house! Gotta love the Midwest. Anyway, ease into it. A runner isn't born overnight.
  8. Congratulations! Glad you and baby are healthy. I'm sure you'll get right back in the saddle. You already have the right attitude!
  9. I've been slacking off in my own topic. Lol. Thanks for holding it down, Kelly. I've been super busy. I'll add you guys for sure!
  10. My cell phone provider, (Cricket) allows free, unlimited music downloads through their Muve Music app. What provider do you use?
  11. Wow! Your ambition alone is awe inspiring! I commend you for setting out to accomplish your goals. I don't have plans to run a marathon or 5k, but now I'm gonna! Best wishes!
  12. Welcome, kbo! Let us know how you fared.
  13. I am so goofy! I just spent half an hour trying to figure out how to add friends on MFP. Geez. I skip my coffee for one day and....yeah. lol. Anyway, thanks for the adds people! I look forward to checking in on you.
  14. Thanks, ladies! I definitely need to be held accountable. I've been slacking lately and it's so unlike me. Kelly, I see you posting in all the topics. You're so full of awesome!
  15. I lost 40 pounds last year doing my own 5k program in conjunction with the My Fitness Pal app. I was 210 when I started and got down to 270. This was over a 3 month span.
  16. My saving grace has been my Kegel exercises. I drive a bus, so I'm stuck for hours at a time. The exercises helped to reduce that sudden urge to go. Hope this helps.
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