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  1. Hi Jenn,  fantastic.   You have to be so proud of yourself.  

    You can start with the 10k app after the c25k.  Some people like to go forward in the app a few days.  But it is up to you.  Great job.   I like doing intervals on my test days.    Happy Running. 

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Let me re-introduce myself.  I am Kelly and I have been off of here for a bit.

    My Hubby has been sick and I have been taking care of him for the past year.  He is doing better and has been having the rest of his chemo treatments.  

    I have not been taking care of me and I can now re focus on my goals.  I started back with the C25K app yesterday and I am sooooo excited.  Getting ready to get out there again today.  I am beyond thrilled to be back here again. I have missed it and you all very much. 

    I taught exercise and am a Personal Trainer, and used to teach 1-15 hours a week in a few countries and here in the US.  

    Happy Exercise.  I am beyond excited to focus on me again in this life!! 

    Hugs !! :)

  3. Hi there,

    thank you for making that choice for serving in the military. my Dad was 20 years and my  hubby too!!

    diet is everything and there are calculators online where you can check to see how many calories you need to take in in a day.  I love High Protein, Low Carb. But that is me.  We have a lot of great apps to get you on your journey!!

    Keep us posted !!  Good Luck!! 

  4. Hi there.  Good for you. Sooo proud of you.  

    You can do this!!!!!  Our apps are great and encouraging.  Everyone here is sooo helpful!!

    Start off slow with exercise and then you can change your diet. 

    I have had to take a year off due to hubbys health issues and I am back taking care of me now   Started back C25K yesterday   It felt soooooo good!!

    We are sooo here fo you. Keep us posted. 

  5. Hey. Never ever toooo old at alll..


    You got this. Run/walk, whatever you have to do is awesome. Alternate your days with strength training amf you can do it!!!


    Keep us posted here!!!!! When i did a stress test, i outran the treadmill better than any 30 year ol she said. Woohoo!!!!!! GoMe!!!!


    Happy getting fit!!!

  6. Hi `rmma,


    We can all help you her rto achiebe your goals. You can do this...


    Myfitnesspal is a good one to to help you track your food and exercise..


    Any guidance you need, here for you..... good luck.

    Be careful handing out your email address to anyone....

  7. Hi jessr and welcome to you here,


    Great support here. You can do anything you set your mind to. When i finally realzied that is better to feel healthy, my whole world changed... i dont care if i am not the fittest person out there, i dont need to show my muscles fo anyone but myself. Thats it... you can fight this and come out strong!! If i ever have a bad image day, i head out to the mall, and just sit and watch people, it makes me feel better as everyone has a struggle that they have to deal with in this world. I dod not worry about my body image anymore, i do it for me and noone else. You are accountable for you!!!!!


    Id love to watch your progress here.... you got this'!!! Good luck!!

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