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    hip pain

    So true! Better to slow the training down than suffer an injury. In my search for an answer I've narrowed it down to pirifirmis syndrome. I found a vid on YouTube that shows how to relieve it & it worked. Think I'll try to run tomorrow & just walk if it starts flaring again. I'm not trying to win any world records--just be active & I'm certainly feeling better with more energy than before!
  2. Lj59

    hip pain

    I'm having the same problem in my right hip. Thought my yoga session would help but it's still painful & I can hardly bend over. I'm at the 6 week mark & got through the knee issue but now have this problem...wondering if I could dial back on the 10k sequence somehow? Is it possible to go back a couple weeks?
  3. Started 10k on 4/26 and LOVE it but having some probs with my left knee which started last week after going down a steep hill. Been icing it & doing hot yoga a couple days a week to stay limber. This "condition" has flared occasionally all my life with overuse but I refuse to quit my new love for running. Can anyone recommend a strap or brace to help with this? I'm 56 yo female carrying about 15-20# extra pounds (which I'm sure doesn't help) Thank you in advance!
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