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  1. Hi, how are you doing with the program now that it’s been a few days? I usually run every other day to give my muscles and ligaments a chance to recover. This helps ease me back into running so that I’m never really sore. Also, running ridiculously slow in the beginning helps me get through the challenging days. Speed will come as you build up your strength and endurance- nothing wrong with taking things slow until that happens. Good luck!
  2. I see this is an old post but I am responding just in case it helps someone reading through these. Someone once told me the trick to running distance for a newbie is to run ridiculously slow. It works! Speed will come as you get stronger and build your endurance up. So run for distance NOT speed in the beginning. I’ve never had to repeat a week running this way. The C25K is a great program to ease you into running but forget about speed in the beginning, it will eventually come!
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