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  1. TrishE. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I like the idea of putting on workout clothes to motivate.
  2. Hi there. I started my couch to 5k today but I was trying to use another app besides c25k. I will rest tomorrow and then start this app the next day. Pretty excited about starting my personal journey! Good luck!
  3. Hi my name is Christina and I have been battling my weight pretty much ever since I graduated high school and had my daughter right after. I was not overweight, 140 lbs but gained 40 lbs. I started doing TaeBo videos and lost all the weight. Then I started Nursing school and developed stress eating habits. Gained 30lbs in 2 years! Pretty much have gained weight ever since then. I've tried Jenny Craig, lost 23lbs tried to transition to regular diet, then developed gall stones. Had to have my gallbladder removed. A couple years later, I tried the Mayo Clinic diet and lost 13lbs. Gave up on the healthy eating and gained 20lbs back. So here I am today at 225 lbs at 5'3 feeling enormous. Having to shop in plus sizes and petites is difficult. This year I bought my first size 18 jeans! And not to mention the fact my belly is starting to hang out of my shirt. My daughter, now 15 years old, really has motivated me to start this running program over spring break. I want to get fit so bad! I'm real excited about this app. I feel like it can really help me lose some weight and get fit. I just have to stay motivated! I tend to start things full speed ahead and then give up after a while. I'm the queen of excuses "I worked 3 12 hr shifts" or "the weather is not good". Hope I can stick with this.
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