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  1. TrishE. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I like the idea of putting on workout clothes to motivate.
  2. Hi there. I started my couch to 5k today but I was trying to use another app besides c25k. I will rest tomorrow and then start this app the next day. Pretty excited about starting my personal journey! Good luck!
  3. Hi my name is Christina and I have been battling my weight pretty much ever since I graduated high school and had my daughter right after. I was not overweight, 140 lbs but gained 40 lbs. I started doing TaeBo videos and lost all the weight. Then I started Nursing school and developed stress eating habits. Gained 30lbs in 2 years! Pretty much have gained weight ever since then. I've tried Jenny Craig, lost 23lbs tried to transition to regular diet, then developed gall stones. Had to have my gallbladder removed. A couple years later, I tried the Mayo Clinic diet and lost 13lbs. Gave up on the h
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