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  1. Silver Pie That's what I'm hoping too. She actually took me off of the diuretic because I was so dizzy I had to leave work one day. I am down about 10 lbs already (helped by drastic water loss but I'll still take it) and I can feel improvements in my flexibility and my stamina. I will argue my case for getting off the pills again at the 25lbs lost mark.
  2. Well when I completed the 5k courses It was still at least 1/3 walking. but I came in the second time 5 minutes faster than my first so I am very proud of that. I did 2 11 minute miles then I got tired and finished with a 16 minute mile and a sprint at the end for the camera lol! I found that a cheering crowd and a big timer staring at me motivates me to dig for that last bit of energy at the end. The tee shirt is also a bit of proof you can wear afterward to show the world what you've accomplished. I highly recommend signing up for at least one official road race as you finish your traini
  3. Kamille, Good for you! I did 5 mins on the elliptical stair stepper this week and I thought I was going to die!! I don't know why but the elliptical machines feel so much harder to me than walking, so you have my respect doing it that way. Keep it up. We can do this!!
  4. Dear MellowYellow,, Welcome! I also joined up to drop some weight. I was doing great 6 years ago and had completed 2 5ks but life stuff happened and I ended up gaining all my former weight back. I think also that it was a bit of "resting on my laurels" because I had accomplished my goal of a 5k race. So now I am back with a bigger goal, a 10k. And again life is interfering a bit with back and medication issues, but I really think the key is to dust yourself off and keep going toward your goals. You can do it!!! and when you do, immediately start thinking about your next goal so you
  5. Good Luck! You can do this. I really like the idea of a back back for layers. Or, my cousin the marathon runner says, "wear old clothes as outer layers and don't worry about getting them back."
  6. short term: get off Prescription Pills I HATE taking prescription medicines if I don't have to. I am angry that I have gotten to this point. So I choose to see the pills as the "enemy" and good habits as the way to conquer them. To fight this battle I am walking 10,000 steps a day 5 days a week, doing a simple yoga routine daily or almost daily, eating a low sodium diet, and slowly incorporating the c210k training into the walking routine. My first test of how that is working is the follow up appointment in a week and a half, and the next is a Cardiologist consult in a few weeks.
  7. Hi MJ, I'm new here too. Also on a weight loss journey but closer to the start. I have 80 lbs to go. It sounds like you have done a lot of hard work to get where you are now. Keep working away at it. The c25k program is awesome for getting you to your goal in little steps. You can do it!
  8. Hi all you runners! I went to my doctor on Wednesday thinking everything was fine, after a 40 min walk even and was told: 1. I had high blood pressure. 2. It wasn't a fluke 3. I now have to take meds for it. 4. I'd better loose a lot of weight. That set me back a bit. The last time I was consistently active was 5 years ago when I was doing 5k training. So here I am again, this time I am doing the 10k training because I figured I'd better keep training until...well actually I'd better not ever stop training. I am glad to be able to be here.
  9. owl


    HI Anne-Maree, I started today and I weigh roughly the same as you. I decided to train for the 10k but my long term goal is to loose weight and have running be an everyday activity, including running 5k races. A 30 minute 5k is definitely a challenge! I have done 40 minute races in the past but I admit I sucked wind at the end. I am hoping by over-training toward a 10k will both increase my speed and my cardiovascular fitness. I know almost nothing about Kempo except it is a marshal art but it sounds like you have already done a lot of hard work toward a black belt. I am happy to "
  10. Honestly, this is exactly why I am here! I need accountability to get up an move because my muscles are SORE!!! I am going to start my c210k today. So, Soldier get up! get going! If I can you can!!! Owl
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