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  1. Pickleball sounds great, I have asked a few people about it, but no one has heard of it, I might need to start a new craze :D.

    I managed a run on Friday night, and ran to work today (Mon) and as long as the ice stays away I'll run tomorrow morning. 

    Yeah I know what u mean, I do too. Today was week 3 run 2. 

    We can do this lol 

    Happy running x


  2. If I decided not to run in  the rain, I would never run ha ha. But it was fine on Tuesday morning  just a wee bit windy and cold. 

    How did your run go? 

    You really can do this, don't think weeks ahead, just concentrate on your next run. 

    Good luck 


  3. I really enjoyed my walk/run this morning to work, even though it was 6 am, on a wet and windy Monday morning. Got all the gear out and ready to do the same tomorrow morning, hope the windy and rain as stopped by then. I live in Scotland.

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