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  1. This is motto as ...! I'm dying to know how your 5k went. Did you beat your beat time? Don't leave us hanging on the edge of excitement!
  2. My boys have kept me from going full potato over the past years since i got out and I'm new to running for sport and not forced running. I haven't fully tested my endurance yet but I am very confident I could handle skipping a few weeks. The question is, is it wise to skip or just trust the program and start from day one?
  3. Thank you trishe for the encouragement. I'm hoping as I get into this I can convince my wife to join me. I'm not worried to much about my mental strength and physical will come with time. I'm lucky enough that between our boys and our adopted nephews that I haven't gone full potato yet. The only question I have is that since I'm only half potato I don't know if I should skip ahead or just go from day one and enjoy the easier ones before the real work begins.
  4. Get sum everybody! Everyone here is my inspiration and I thank you. I haven't ran since I got out in 2010. The past couple years have been a slow downward spiral that life sometimes deals you. But I have decided to flip the trash cans upside-down so to speak and take my happy back. I'm not to terribly out of control managing to only top out at 230 at 6ft tall. My formed goals are to drop 30lbs and then work to ad muscle back. We always ran 3mi as part of our fitness test and I was consistent at 20-21 mins. That was also 8 years and 50lbs ago. I stumbled across here and I'm impressed work all the success and encouragement. I can't wait to take this journey with all of you. I've never enjoyed running but I feel like this time it will be different. Happy running everyone and remember that chick's dig scars greatness fades legends last forever and passion is weakness leaving the body hell yeah!
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