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  1. Well done you. I have week 2 day 3 to complete this weekend and I really can't see myself getting through week 3. It seems a huge jump to run 3 minutes. You have no idea how much it helps me to read that other people felt the same. I'm hoping I'll get through it.
  2. I've found that once I started working out I loved the results and the feel good factor so that is motivation in itself. I have 4 children and comfort eat after all of them. I wish I knew then what I know now. I consider myself to be of a decent fitness but C25K is a challenge.
  3. Hi, Whist on my Summer holiday I decided to start C25K so myself and a friend completed the first two days in France. I live in the West of the UK and Vicky on the East but we've both continued with the training. Today we completed day 2 of week 2. I look forward to my training days but each day is hard. I'm not sure if I'll manage week 3 but today I didn't hear the timer and ran 2 minutes instead of 11/2. I find it comical that my 6 year old son can run the full 30 minute session with out stopping. I really want to be able to enter the Bristol Park Run and my 14 daughter has said she'll enter the junior 5K, she can already run a 5K but currently just runs on her own. I also go to spin and I love kettlebells and the strength they give me. I'm 44 but feel fitter than I have ever felt before. Marianne
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