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  1. Whats up everyone like i said i just completed week 6 day 2 today. After i dowloaded the 10k trainer i of course looked into the future days to see what they thought i was going to be able to do and im not going to lie i didnt expect to make it past week 3 but here i am on week 6 day 2 running 1.7 miles in each 10 minute interval reserved for 1 mile my goal starting this has been to complete it at a 7 mile an hour pace and im definitely on track. Im 29 and started at 330lbs i played DE in semi pro football so not exactly a couch potato version of 330lbs but heavy none the less. Im now 285 running 3.4 miles in 20 minutes and i couldnt be more excited to progress through the app.
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