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  1. Hi Maryjaneblackhole, wishing you all the best with your training. I started using this fantastic app 13 weeks ago, and today I have just completed my first 10k
  2. I'm pleased to report, that with using C210K I completed the Liverpool Spring 10k run today. Due to sickness and holidays I managed to reach week 13 day I, of this fantastic app. Anyway, I finished the 10k in 1:24:52. Extremely pleased with this time, which is not bad for my first 10k!!
  3. Hi Charlotte, I'm using the C210K app. When I first started out 9 weeks ago. I started on the treadmill, I have now moved outdoor and run( well plod)on grass and the road. With regards to the pain in your hips, are you stretching and doing a warm up before and after your run? If the pain is in your hips, try doing hip stretches. All the best with your training.
  4. Hi KellyAnn,, the apps brilliant isn't it. Today I complted week 8 day 3. Will be next out on Wednesday. Thanks for your welcome!
  5. Hi Trish, I'll let you know how the race goes. It is on 3 May!
  6. Hello all, my name is Lilian and I'll be 63 in September. I go the gym Five times a week, and decided nine weeks ago to do something different. This was when I found C210k. Tomorrow I will be doing week 8 day 1. Three weeks after starting to use this app, I thought that I may as well enter the Liverpool spring 10k. I'm hoping to compete the race in 90 minutes. Regards Lilian
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