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    azmelissa got a reaction from Polodona in day 1 ....very fat...very unfit....very old....couch potato xbox gamer   
    Finished day 1. Whew felt so good
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    azmelissa reacted to FrecklesFoxx in FRUSTRATED!!!!!   
    I have started and stopped this app several times and I am getting very FRUSTRATED! I get to week 2 (and I follow it with going every other day, wearing Reebok shoes for running) and I get shin splints! I could only run the first two intervals of week two, day two because it was getting more and more painful. This is the third or fourth time I have had gotten here and shin splints arrive!
    I want to run, I crave it and look forward to it but the shin splints but a hold on it and I don't know what to do! I am trying to train for a Police Officer so I need to be able to run but this is just getting ridiculous!
    What is it that I can do to stop the stupid cycle of starting and having to stop again, wait two weeks for the splints to heel and then start all over?! I'm not getting anywhere!
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    azmelissa reacted to ShonaWendy in Just starting out   
    Hi my name is Shona...55 years old from New Zealand. Went out on my first 'run' today. When looking ahead at the descriptionsame of the runs was a but confused that it talked about running miles and not kilometres since the ap is called C25K!
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