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day 1 ....very fat...very unfit....very old....couch potato xbox gamer


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Hi All.....


Im Steve,


Obese, old (50 in 2 weeks), unfit...long time since any exercise....have asthma....avid xbox gamer....tried HIIT ...failed miserably day 1 managed to do the warm up on it only...someone mention c25k ....i dont run,,,for about 25 years havent run lol.....but....wait for it.....i downloaded the app....wow....and have just competed day 1.....cant believe it.....never thought i could run 60 seconds let alone do it 8 times lol....chuffed to bits....

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Hi all! I like you all, am tired of being tired! I am 53 years old and at the very least 20 pounds over weight. I realized three weeks ago when I was with my very healthy 85 year old parents, that I have not exercised, I mean really exercised, in over 6 years!! I want to be as healthy as my parents at their age, at this rate I won't make it! I downloaded the app and.... I just finished day 3. I found myself excited to wake up and hit START! I think this could be the answer for me. I am actually disappointed there is only three days each week. My legs are killing me but I know it is a good hurt. I think I will do another day or two this week. I look forward to reading all of your encouraging posts! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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So I finally began. Was prompted by my cousin. Im in Mumbai, India.

Coming to the run. Few observations

1. Initially was great as it got going i realized i wasnt able to walk at the pace i started with

2. Yes it's difficult.but so is everything else

3. Wat to do during the cooling period?

4. Some stretching exercises before we start wud hv been great..


To add to this i also stopped eating anything post 6 pm the previous day .


Let me see how much im able to do. Fingers crossed

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I'm 51 and used to run back in the day.  I walk some for my job but this doesn't get it done.   I have teenagers and a lovely wife who love to play raquetball and I am too out of shape to play.  I just finished week one and have decided not to skip days in between.   Yes, WE can do this y'all !!

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