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    Hip pain

    It's worth seeing a physiotherapist. I saw one after continuous weeks of hip pain and confusion after watching YouTube videos. For me, my hip pain is due to tight ITBs which is common for runners. She said it was due to weak glutes and incorrect running form due to my flat feet which I've never had checked before. She's given me muscle release and strengthening exercises which has helped a lot. And I've gone to the podiatrist and we did a trial of how my feet would feel if I was pounding the pavement in the correct form and ohmygoodness it was so good!! Can run for 50+minutes now no pain!!
  2. I think you should continue regardless. I'm super slow and my best time to run 5ks is just over 40mins. But I've gone ahead with the 10k program anyway (week 12 this week!). And I discovered I can run 10+Kms when I gave myself enough time! Once a week I go away from the program and do a "Fartlek" run. Apparently it's sweedish for speed play? Basically It's interval training (slow jog vs fast run) to get you running at a faster pace overall. To do this I go right back to week 1 day 1. When the voice over says to run then I'll sprint and when it says to walk, then I'll go to a super slow jo
  3. I've lost minimal weight (2-3kg) because I like bread and chocolate and ice-cream. I love ice-cream. HOWEVER the muscles in my legs feel awesome, my thighs and bum look smaller and so is my waist!
  4. It went well! It's part psychological part physical. I managed to do my second best time that day and today I did my longest run ever!
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