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  1. I have aches directly below my knees and at the top of my shins toward the insides. I'm suspecting that it's patellar tendonitis. Probably due to my weight and not building up leg strength before beginning the program? Anyways I tried resting a few days and then having another run but it immediately hurt more intensely. I guess I will be putting this on hold. I only got to week two day one. How long can I expect to be heaaling?
  2. Thanks! Im currently taking it cautious. Running every few days.
  3. Thanks! Last night's run was hard but I did it all. I might do the week one run four or five Times instead of three, just because I'm not very fit but I'll do it!
  4. Wow! I just joined here and this is very motivational for me. I think I will journal how it goes for me.
  5. I am also just starting and have an 11 week old!
  6. Hi all. I'm newish. I started this last February and got to week 4 and discovered I was pregnant with our second son. I'm starting all over from scratch now. It's much harder as I'm not in very good shape after a pregnancy! I couldn't run the last two minutes of week one day one. Trying again today! Wish me luck!
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