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  1. Any time you want or need to talk feel free to drop a message. If 11775 is your zip I'm I 11234. My next scheduled race is july and it's obstacle based in long island. I am hoping to do adult lady one other obstacle race and get at least 1 10k run. I love running but I struggle. Quit smoking almost 7 months ago. This week I'm doing 45 minutes of running with small walk breaks per the 10k program. Breathing becomes a struggle occasionally but I truck through. If I am unable to finish a day I repeat it next session. This has happened a few times. My legs get very tired and Need extra rest some times. It doesn't help that I do squats on my non run days lol.
  2. I participated in a rugged maniac5k obstacle race last September. I loved it. It really refreshed my inner self. Being that it had obstacles i did not have to run a continuous 5k which u would not have been able to do at the time. Stopping to do the obstacles acted as my rests.of course they were not true rests as I was navigating through mud pits or crawling under barbed wire or climbing walls etc. Some obstacles I landed in the water some I did not but I have every one my all and it put a huge smile on my face and heart. I still talk about that race to strangers when they see me running or walking today or getting a veggie juice. I am already signed up to do 2 this year and trying to get a team together for 1 other. I hope you really enjoy your event. Just take your time and enjoy the moment as well as the journey.
  3. Nice jump from 5k to 1/2 marathon. I'm working on the 10k having finished the 5k already. Good luck
  4. Today was week 9 day 3 of the 10k program. It was extremely difficult to do today. I thought I had burnt out my legs doing Squats yesterday but it wasn't that. Ends up being gas weighing me down. After it started coming out everything was so much better and I finished in a better place then I started. Tomorrow is back to pushups and Squats then a well deserved rest day.
  5. Hey blayne you will get there Just keep fighting the good fight.when I hit a roadblock I just keep attempting. I hit several during the5k phase now I'm on the10k portion. I did week9 day 2.
  6. Fudge here I am new to the forum but not to the Zen lab programs. I graduated c25k several years ago after being diagnosed as diabetic and trying to lose some weight. After completing the program I got lazy with running but never put the weight back on. Last year I downloaded c25k again. I completed a 5k obstacle race called the rugged maniac without completing the c25k program. I put everything on the back burner again until near end of year when I started again. I finished it just before new years. This year I have already started the 10k program where the 5k portion ends. I also do the pushup squat sit up And pull up programs with variations. I fail many days but always keep at it and redo those sessions until I complete them. This year's goals are to finish 10k program, run a half marathon once, total walk and run of 1k miles, 30k pushup squat and hanging knee raises, and 10 un assisted pull ups and dips. As long as I stay consistent I will get there. Fudge out
  7. New forum member Today's workout was 1.75 mile walk to gym 150 pushup 150 squat 18 pull ups with 55lb assist 18 dips with 55 lb assist 36 hanging knee raises 36 side stretches with weight each side 10 second full plank 20 second elbow plank 1.75 mile walk home
  8. I have also set a goal of 10 pull ups and cannot currently do 1. I am using the pull up program as a guide but am doing it on an assistance machine. Currently set on 55 lb assist. Next month I'll start over on 35 them after 2 or 3 months lower to 15 and then finally no assist. If you don't have access to this type machine maybe work on pull downs? Resistance bands can help with the motion and you can even do it laying down with those. Once you feel you can safely hang full weight from a bar you can also work on just hanging front the bar to get used to the weight. I hope one of these is useful to you. Fudge out
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