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    Week one day one is finished! I haven't ran in a while (like a month or so) and day 1 was r bad at all! I actually kept a faster pace and was never out of breath. I'm so proud! I just need to keep myself motivated- any tips ???
  2. Good luck!! That's an awesome goal to have!
  3. Hey all, new (again) to this app. When I turned 30 (almost 4 years ago!) my friend and I made it a point to run a 5k each month for a year. We were doing amazing and then kind of drifted away. I ended up hiring a personal trainer for a year and after my time was up, I fell back into a "sit on the couch and order pizza once a week" routine. I am diabetic and reaching that "baby fever" age, and I want to be able to complete a 5k without stopping. I signed up for one in July and I'm hoping that knowing one is approaching that I can stick to the app! I really want to lose weight (it may sound crazy to some, but my doctor has even said that since I am diabetic and I want to plan having kids next year (hopefully) that it's never too early to start getting my body ready. I'm starting at around 126/127 lbs at 5'4. I know, it's an ideal weight but to be honest when I'm under 120 my sugars are beyond perfect. So that's another reason why I'm here. Wow wnough of the babble, if you have any of these things in common and want a friend to keep you motivated (as well as pushing me to stay motivated) then don't hesitate! Good luck to everyone and their goals!!
  4. Good luck! I'm in the same boat as you! Was running a 5k once a month for a year and last year had a trainer then slowly drifted away. Started the app today hoping to keep myself motivated!
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