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    Week one day one is finished! I haven't ran in a while (like a month or so) and day 1 was r bad at all! I actually kept a faster pace and was never out of breath. I'm so proud! I just need to keep myself motivated- any tips ???
  2. Good luck!! That's an awesome goal to have!
  3. Hey all, new (again) to this app. When I turned 30 (almost 4 years ago!) my friend and I made it a point to run a 5k each month for a year. We were doing amazing and then kind of drifted away. I ended up hiring a personal trainer for a year and after my time was up, I fell back into a "sit on the couch and order pizza once a week" routine. I am diabetic and reaching that "baby fever" age, and I want to be able to complete a 5k without stopping. I signed up for one in July and I'm hoping that knowing one is approaching that I can stick to the app! I really want to lose weight (it ma
  4. Good luck! I'm in the same boat as you! Was running a 5k once a month for a year and last year had a trainer then slowly drifted away. Started the app today hoping to keep myself motivated!
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