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  1. Hi all, I'm Kate. I used to run 5+ miles a day, but I've been out of it for a while. I spent two years going through fertility treatments, then two ectopic pregnancies and a total of 4 surgeries which all caused me to gain about 30 lbs. I weighed 174 when I finally got pregnant and 242 when I had my rainbow baby in April. I was doing all right on weight gain until I developed diabetes and got put on insulin, then it kind of went out of control and I broke my ankle at 7 months pregnant so I wasn't able to exercise. I've been hovering around 207 lbs for months and cannot seem to lose weight no m
  2. Does anyone have any tips and running with Shin splints? I got hit with them badly in the middle of week two. Took a few days rest, went out Thanksgiving night for a run and didn't even make it 5 minutes before I was in so much pain I could barely hobble, had to call my husband to come get me and the dog. It's been 5 days of rest, icing twice daily, Epsom salt wraps, and foam rolling and I'm still having trouble walking. I was told to wrap my legs from ankle to knee to bind the tendons and prevent pain but I don't think I'm doing it right. I miss running, I used to run 5+ miles a day, it was m
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