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    420runner got a reaction from PapaJ in Do you run heel striking first or ball of foot?   
    I'm a believer in the barefoot running technique, which has you land on your forefoot. Of course, this is somewhat difficult to do with most shoes that have an elevated heel. It's much easier with a zero drop (flat) shoe. If you can find a place to run barefoot on a smooth concrete or tile surface, you will soon find out how much force is generated through heel striking, and you will naturally start running with a forefoot strike. This technique does use different muscles, and requires some transition time.
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    420runner got a reaction from Shaunna Roche in To Hell and Back   
    W7D1 this week was the hardest run I've ever had on the C25K program. I finished, but only due to sheer stubbornness. My wife, who is usually beside me or behind me, ran way off into the distance. Mentally I started questioning why I was doing this. I just wanted to quit the whole program.
    Then day 2 came along. I didn't want to run. I was scared. I didn't want to have another experience like my last run. Still, I laced up my shoes and reluctantly headed out the door. I had great run! I got into a nice rhythm, and finished strong. Today's run was even better. My pace was nearly 2 mins. per mile faster on W7D3 than on W7D1.
    I guess the moral to the story is that we all have bad days, but never let those bad days hold you back from the good days.
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    420runner got a reaction from Azatol in All Thawed Out   
    Due to icy conditions, I've been unable to run for the last 9 days, but now the roads have finally thawed. After 9 days off I was a little worried about continuing on to w6d1, but today was by far the easiest workout yet. It felt good to get out there running again.
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    420runner reacted in running with water bottle   
    I would suggest trying a bladder? they vary in price, but you should only need a 2l one max. You wear it like a backpack and have a tube over your shoulder to drink from.
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