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  1. Hi I'm also new to this app. I'm 54 , overweight, suffer from thyroid problems. I like a couch potato sitting on the sofa watching tv. I know I need to change those habits but the idea really scares me, I'm not really fit for exercise, I go to Zumba class just once a week and the rest of the week take several walks with the dog. I know that I should stick to the program. Hope to start tomorrow.
  2. I'm also new here and kind of lost from where should I start, how long and how many times. Which are the best exercises to loose weight and gain muscle.
  3. marcela

    How often?

    Hello I just download this app. I'm not sure how often I should workout , I know 5 times a week at least but for how long and if one session is enough or should I start with 30 minutes early morning and another 30 let's say around 4.
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