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  1. I'm 52 and just started today, Monday Oct 3rd. I havent ran in a long time but ready to drop 20 pounds and get active with local 5K's
  2. 45 year old male, starting week 1 day 1 in about 20 minutes
  3. I was in decent shape but had cancer three years ago and gained some extra weight during chemo treatment. Since then I got a Fitbit and lost 25 pounds. I just joined C25K to lose these last 15 pounds to get my body back lol
  4. 45 male from Tennessee. Starting day 1 tomorrow Monday Oct 3rd. Congrats on getting started
  5. Congrats! I'm from Tennessee and used to be in decent shape but gained some weight when I went through chemo treatment three years ago. Starting week 1 Monday. If you need a motivator I'm here
  6. Checking on you to see how you are doing
  7. 45 male in the USA, ready to get started Monday. Used to be in decent shape but had cancer three years ago and gained weight during chemo. Been using Fitbit this year and dropped 25 pounds. Ready to use C25K to lose 15 more. Wish me luck!
  8. I'm starting week 1 with you Monday. 45 male in Tennessee if I can do this so can you
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