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  1. Yes I continued on to the next day and felt if I couldn't get it by the third day then I'd repeat it. Just keep at it. Also it's ok to jog at a slower pace and not run fast. Speed will come in time. The fact is you are still moving and not sitting. Keep going!!! Good luck!!
  2. Hi. Please don't give up. Keep doing the program. I did not make it through the first work out. Could only do 4 of the runs but I walked the rest of the time. The second day I made it through 7 of the runs and on the third day I made it through all of them. I have never been one to exercise and I am in my 40s. I just started the fifth week and look back and think I never thought I could make it through the first week and I did. Keep at it! Good shoes make the difference and make sure to stretch before and after!
  3. Good job on completing your workout! A good friend of mine said the hardest part is taking the first steps out the door. Good luck as you progress through your workouts.
  4. I'm in my 40s and thought it was time to try something different and get motivated. I have never liked running and could never get the courage to try as I'm a bit fluffy and always worried what others would say as I tried to run (I definitely am not a poster child for the spandex running outfit). But I just finished day 2 of week 1 and am motivated to continue!
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