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  1. ive been using myfitnesspal for over a month now.


    At first it calculated I should eat 1200 calories a day. After going to the gym and *trying* to eat better I didn't lose a pound. I searched on Google and read that maybe my body was in starvation mode.


    So I used a health website to calculate the calories I need and it said 1600. Which means when I was eating 1000 calories trying to stay under 1200 I was actually starving myself 600 calories a day. I changed to 1600 calories and now my problem is I can't eat that many calories of heathy food! For breakfast I eat boiled eggs and a protein shake, lunch is tuna or chicken salad, and dinner is usually fish with vegetables jt chicken and vegetables. The snacks I eat are fruit, almonds, protein bars.


    After all that I'm usually around 1200 calories. Should I try to eat more to reach the 1600? How close do I need to be to that number to be at a "deficit" but not in "starvation mode"? Help! Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello Everyone. I am very happy today because I just as I was searching google for a fitness forum I realized this app had one!


    To introduce myself. My name is Ashley, I'm 21, and getting married on July 4th this year. I am about 210 pounds and way out of shape.


    3 years ago in high school I played basketball and softball I also worked out of the gym for an hour a day lifting weights. I was never "skinny" but I ran for about 3 hours a day at practice and gym class so I was in SHAPE.


    After high school, the weight gain began. No more basketball and softball, no more mandatory gym class. I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight anymore.


    Now, 3 years later I don't feel happy with myself anymore. I have tried C25K once before but was very discouraged by how tired I was during week one. It just feels so strange to me to run and be out of breath and have my muscles burning.



    I guess I'm just looking for support and encouragement during these next 6 months as I try and lose weight for my wedding.


    Thanks in Advance!

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