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  1. Calorie tracker for iPhone comes with a food database and that is meant mainly for weight loss purpose. These trackers are excellent tools to maintain your body weight. Hitting your weight loss goals always gives a fantastic feeling but make sure not to go back to your old unhealthy eating habits as by doing so, you won't be long before gaining all that you have lost. To keep a check on your body weight, always use a food journal for the iPhone and eat only healthy foods. Also make sure to weigh yourself at least once in a week as the calorie targets may go up if you will no longer try to lose weight. Following the right diet schedule as per the free nutrition tracker for iphone always helps to maintain the weight that you have lost. Awareness on the calorie count on different food items always helps to eat healthy foods and stay fit. To live a healthy lifestyle use an app such as Careot to help you not only track the calories but also detailed nutritional information. For those suffering from diabetes and other medical conditions, such as high blood pressure it is important to track nutrition, such as carbohydrates and sodium in addition to the calories consumed.
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