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  1. On my rest day today. Completed week 4 , day 1 yesterday.


    W3D2 was tough for me. My hips and back were really sore and I struggled. Started to doubt myself a bit.


    But took 2 days off, regrouped and done w3D3 without any, problems. Then I gave W4D1 a good bashing yesterday. Ran 3 minutes off the cooldown too. Covered 4.3kms, my most so far.


    Roll on W4D2.

  2. I just completed week four, day 1.


    I found week 3, day 2 tough going. I seized up and had to force myself to keep going.


    I took 2 rest days and regrouped and found myself well able to do w3d3 and w4d1.


    You can do it, stay motivated and remember why you started this.

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