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  1. I got to around week 6 of the program, loved how it made me feel and the energy it gave me, loved what it was doing to improve my body, and so forth. I think I just didn't feel like doing it one day...and I started back eating junk, and it was a quick descent back to where I was pre-C25K. Today would've been my mother's birthday, so for personal reasons, I decided today would be a nice day to get back into the program I'm going to start at w1d1, see how that feels, but I'm thinking I may be able to skip a few days. We'll see. Happy Wednesday!
  2. Completed w6d2 this morning. I pushed through, and it wasn't unbearable, but I didn't perform optimally due to a few factors. 1) I hadn't run in over a week until Saturday, so my body was like, "oh, we still do this?". I completed w6d1 on Saturday as a repeat. 2) my right shin has been a bit sore for the last few days. It slowed me down, but I don't think it's a 'pain,' just a soreness [hopefully]. Tomorrow is a non-run day, so hopefully it'll ease up.
  3. I've sort of fallen behind my original schedule for c25k, but alas, I have not given up on it. I had intended to go out and complete week 6 day 2 this morning, but a combination of staying up too late and gloomy weather this morning detered me. However, I did the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Since I'm just using insanity to help keep active on non-run days, I am not following their calendar. I've been alrernating between this workout and one other, working on building up my stamina and form with the movements. I've found Insanity and c25k to be mutually beneficial. I've tried three times in the past to complete the Insanity program and quit before I made it two weeks each time. Since beginning it in combination with c25k, I feel like I can get through a session without feeling like I am literally on the way to death. I am trying to be very mindful of my movements so as not to injure myself (I don't want to be set back on c25k due to carelessness!). I attend a university, and one of the departments is hosting a 5k in March. That gives me plenty of time to build up my physical ability to complete the event, but I've yet to build up the psychological strength to commit myself to it...I'm just very hesitant to run where other people can see me (which is why I run before dawn currently). I'll keep thinking about it and if I come to a conclusion, I shall post it. Happy running!
  4. At the beginning of the program, I took my in-between days as "rest days," and neglected to remain active. However, I found that doing so meant that I felt simultaneously restless and lazy. When I began week five, I started doing insanity on my non-run days. It's usually substantially harder to motivate myself to do insanity than it is to get up and run (...which doesn't really require much self-prompting because I'm enjoying it). But I'm glad to be able to use different muscles in different ways. I'm not really finicky about weight loss because I my goal is to improve health--not focus on pounds. But this morning I put on a pair of slacks that have been increasingly difficult to button over the last several months and found that they were actually loose. It was a pleasant surprise and definitely a motivating moment.
  5. Thank you for your kind replies
  6. I'm about to work on w6d1 running on an hour of sleep (as a college student, sometimes I don't utilize my time as wisely as I should...), and though I don't feel tired, I'm worried that my capabilities may prove to be lacking. However, I look forward to my run days(even going on practically no sleep), and know it'll likely help build my energy to tackle the day
  7. I completed week 5, day 3 today--sort of. By the time I finished the session, I felt like I had too much energy left to have done my best. Turns out, I jogged the 20 minutes, but my distance was only about 1.77 miles (as opposed to 2). I'm not sure if I should redo the day and strive for those extra three tenths of a mile or just go on to w6d1.
  8. I've always said I hated running. I've never been athletic in the least, and whenever I've heard people exclaim how much they love running, I've thought them mad--who would run for fun? Shouldn't that be reserved for life/death situations? ...but then again, how am I supposed to run in a life/death situation if I can't jog for a minute on any other day? I started c25k one month ago today. I got through w1d1 and felt so accomplished...albeit, ashamed for being so out of shape. I'm now on w5d3 (the anxiously anticipated 20 min jog), and was excited to get to it today, except that it's raining here and I have nothing to wear for running in the rain. It may clear up later, but I prefer to run before the world wakes up. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear, so I think I'll just wait until then. I'm very much determined to complete this program and move right on to the 10k training program!
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