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  1. Completed wk 8 day 3 today!! Ran based on the distance as opposed to the time. Ran well over 30 mins to complete the 5k but will continue working on increasing my speed for the next 4 wks so I can complete the 5k (running) within 30 mins then will move onto C210k. For those who have just started out or are in the middle of the C25K journey, GO HARD! Your mind will start telling you to quit during your runs, but if your legs and lungs are feeling ok to carry on, don't stop!! Keep hydrated, do the full warm up and warm down properly, listen to what your body is telling you, pace yourself but most of all ENJOY it!! :-D
  2. Hi Raseymom. First I've heard of that happening?? I just complete the day and after the cool down ends I press the 'Close' button on the left hand side up the top of the screen. I only have the C25K free version too. :-/
  3. I like that. :-D I did wk 7 day 1 today and for the first time ever in my life, I thought I was going to throw up when I finished. Was thinking I didn't want to do day 2 and 3 if that nausea feeling was going to happen again. But as you say 'never let those bad days hold you back' - have fun when you start out on week 8! :-)
  4. Lol! That's a good tip!! :-D Yep, I've completed week 5 day 3 today. Actually felt better during this run then when I first started way back on week one. Will rest tomorrow and do day 3 again the following day before I start week 6 next week. The C25K app is great and the forums provide very useful tips for new runners like me :-)
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    Thanks dgirard and Tiffany :-) How embarrassing. I don't think I added it up correctly. Focusing on the treadmill timer, my music, my breathing, my sweating and trying to count my steps while jogging along, I can't even remember if I counted both legs or just my left leg hitting the treadmill for the minute. I'm definitely not an elite athlete, far from it, just want to be able to run with my 15 yr old neice -one day - without straggling behind. Will count again properly tomorrow just so I know whattit actually is. Then I'll do week 5 day 2. Was wondering how I was going to maintain the pace for day 3, so perhaps I shouldn't be too focused on everything but just go for it and enjoy it! I didn't know about the app too! Thanks for the great advice, much appreciated :-)
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    Just wondering, did anyone else work out their cadence too when they first started this programme? I heard 90 strides p-min is the basic level, with elite athletes at 180 plus. When I'm doing the jog sections I have the treadmill speed set at 7.8 with 92 cadence. (Up to wk 5 now). Sometimes try 8.5, the incline I've always left at 2. First 2 days of wk one speed was 7.5 so I sped it up a little bit. Is cadence important??
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    Just started

    Started yesterday at the gym. Not a born runner for sure! Walking pace 6.1 - jogging pace 7.5. Mistakenly did day 2 today instead of resting or doing something else. Oh well. Enjoying it on the inside! Sweating hard out on the outside - least I know I'm working hard, and everyone else at the gym can see it too. Hardest part for me is breathing properly. Being a smoker, my lungs are full with other grouse stuff. My fault. No one forced me to take up smoking years ago. Hope to kick that bad habit sooner before it kills me.
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