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  1. I do not use any additional app. I just download the music from my mac to my phone via USB. I use HTC Sync Manager.
  2. Today was my first day..It is 4 months I am going to fitness, and i never could run on that running track... I could do only 3 minutes as maximum and always stopped on that; but this time i did it, and i am sure that i will go till the end!
  3. It is not only on Apple. I use Android (HTC One). When i click on music it just opens the music that i have downloaded on my phone from my comp...I mean that the app does not have its own music.
  4. I have read several articles, advices... note that before and after running you need a lot of energy. Due to this, it is must to have healthy carbohydrates (oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley, fruit), and protein before and after running. This will prevent muscle loss.
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