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  1. Completed the program!! Can't believe that 8 weeks back I was a non-runner and today ran my first 5kms (3.1 miles) I was slower than the target plan and took 42 mins for the actual run.. But that is fine, being able to run is a big thing for me, will work on improving the speed in coming weeks before switching to the 10k program. lost 10 lbs in the training process over 8 weeks which is a welcome bonus
  2. I completed my week7 today.. Can't believe one more week and I will be 5k runner :-)
  3. Thanks for checking.. Yes I did exactly as per the program now in 7th week.. No challenge whatsoever.. I feel I can run 5k easily now but still going as per the program day by day
  4. Congratulations great stuff.. I am at week 6 waiting to hit that final milestone soon.. I am hoping my speed will be better by end of the program too..
  5. Thanks folks .. I will go ahead with the plan as outlined in the app. @Danerunner you are right you feel good about yourself as you progress each day..
  6. I did week1 3 days consecutively and when week2 arrived on the app I realized it was 3 days per week program. I did alternate days and now on week6. What I have realized though if you take 2 days break before the new week starts, it is much easier than doing with single day break. Since the each week duration of the run increases ; 2 days gap between weeks makes it much easier. Will be interesting to see other people's experience too..
  7. Thanks C25k I just finished week5 day3 with 20 mins run, no walking in between, which was impossible 5 weeks before. However, I have a question, When I look at week6 day1 and day2 they reintroduce walk in between..why these two days have walk intervals after already establishing 20 mins continuous run on previous week? or there is a good reason they are intended that way?
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