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  1. Wish I had that problem
  2. DaneRunner

    Week 6 Day1 and day2 are intended that way?

    Can't answer your question, as I haven't gotten there yet but just wanted to say way to go! I'll feel proud when I get to week 6!
  3. DaneRunner


    I found that mine wouldn't if I have an app open in front of it, i.e. Pandora. Once I set this app up in the front it seemed to work fine.
  4. DaneRunner

    Where is everyone from

    Omaha, Nebraska!
  5. DaneRunner

    I Have Never Run In My Life

    Love how you said "run in secret". I do the same thing! I run in the basement (I'm new) and I don't want anyone stepping foot down there lol
  6. DaneRunner

    Starting ...again

    Holy cow! It about kicked my butt last night. I did it though and I'm feeling it today!
  7. DaneRunner

    Starting ...again

    Hello! I'm Terri I started the C25K some time ago and never finished it. Hoping this time I can follow through. Hoping to make some new friends here that are in the same boat and just need some added support. Wishing you all the best as we accomplish this journey!