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  1. Born on the island of Trinidad, now live in Brooklyn New York.
  2. Hi there! I commend you for your consistency, try incorporating veggies into your diet and drink lots of water. Breakfast: egg white spinach omelette, snack: fruit (2-3hrs) lunch: salad, another snack (2-3 hrs later)and dinner: meat/ fish with veggies. Hope this helps.
  3. Decided to run a 5k this September, even though I workout every morning I still needed a little help, so I downloaded the c25k app today and anticipating my 1st run at prospect park.
  4. Hi everyone! Cherylseptember, I'm also 30 with no kids and just downloaded the c25k app, anticipating my 1st run after work.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here and just downloaded the c25k app. Can't wait for my 1st day run after work.
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