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    Spinning, kickboxing, going to the beach, reading, love my family and my pets.
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    Hi I'm Mary. I did C25K last summer and completed 2 5k races inn November. I had surgery on April and have returned to exercising after my doctor's ok. I just did day 1, week 1 today and am looking forward to reading everyone's posts and tips.
  2. Great job! I'm so sorry about your husband. He would be proud of you.
  3. I'm a weight watcher as well and am just starting. I've been doing kickboxing, son, dancing. This is my first attempt at running. Good luck to you and to me as well!
  4. I've never run before, unless the ONE day I went out for XC years ago in high school. I'm 60 years old, have lost 28 lbs with Weight Watchers, still have a ways to go. My 3 adult children are all runners, one is an Ironman, one is a marathoner, and one is a half marathoner. My new goal is to run a 5K and my son is very encouraging, giving me helpful tips. I look forward to reading everyone's progress, and sharing mine.
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