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  1. Hey there my second time using this program. The first time it worked beautifully, but if you don't use it you lose it right?barely got through day one, talk about a long way to fall lol. Anyway, I'm super glad to be back in the swing! And a question for those returning runners; did you hack up about half a lung when you got back into it? Happy running!
  2. That sounds a lot like what happened to me as well. I guess I'm on bed rest until I can breathe easier (pun wholeheartedly intended). Thank you for your reply. I seem to see you everywhere on these forums!
  3. Hello there! I am sorry to hear about your ankle, truly. It does not have to be a dramatic event to make the injury traumatic to our mental state when it comes to being active. Last time I had an injury it was a relapse of my dislocated knee, which has about the same recovery time as a badly sprained ankle. I would recommend listening to your body, as cliché as it may sound. You will lose some progres, but not as much as you are fearing. Once you are healed, start with some stretches for your calves specifically to get the blood moving again, then go for a light jog for as long as your ankle is ok. Once you feel even the slightest discomfort, stop jogging and walk. Do not stop moving suddenly and all together unless you really have to. Try to keep it moving. Then start the app back up where you left off, repeating the day until you are back to where you were. Good luck! Let us know how you aredoing!
  4. I just wanted to find out if anyone else has had this happen. Four days ago I missed my run because of family matters. Nothing serious, but it had to be dealt with. But the next day while I was getting ready for my run I had this odd "episode". I started coughing out of nowhere! Not little "I have something in my throat" coughs. Wet, bronchial coughs that took my breath away in the litteral sense. I haven't been able to really breathe correctly sense, and I have had two more of these "episodes". I have a doctor's appointment next weekend (the earliest I can go) but I wanted to see if anyone had had anything similar. I had only just finished week 1. Anything helps my curiosity. . . . - Nadara
  5. What Iuusually do is start Pandora then start this app. It sort of mutes the sound while the prompts come up.
  6. my thoughts on her exactly! Thank you! And also thank you Azotol
  7. I keepon trying to think of things to post, but they always seem unnecessary. So i gave up on finding something to post about and decided to just say hello. I am ecstatic to meet all of you, jazzed to begin a new lifestyle, and terrified that the sweet sounding lady that lives in my phone and tells me to run will leave me in a breathless and sore heap on the local running trail. it is a pleasure to meet all of you!
  8. Hey there. I just started today (week 1 day 1) and I was super excited! I got my music going and I was supercharged! But I was not able to finish. I used to be very active. I was on my school's drum line, (the only girl, mind you) and I weighed 180, most of it muscle. But the drum was too heavy, and of course being the stubborn person that I am, I had to have to heaviest drum on the line. We were playing at an away game and there was a hole in the field, into which I stepped and broke my knee. I am ashamed to say that once the cast was off and I finished my physical therap, I reallyy became quite sedentary. It is now five years and 70 more pounds later, and I am determined, but discouraged. Any advice you have helps. Sincerely, stubbornly optimistic.
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